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Mrs. Jellyfish, Signing Off

February 24, 2012

Hive, it’s about that time.  I’ve finished my recaps, and I’m afraid my stint as a wedding blogger has come to an end.  But before I bid you adieu, some final thoughts.  I don’t have any groundbreaking wedding wisdom to offer.  I think when it comes down to it, I cared and stressed out about far too many things that didn’t really matter.  The color and length of my bridesmaids dresses.  The wording on our invitations.  The items on our registries. Ivory versus white tuxedo shirts. (We ended up with ivory and I promise you, it really doesn’t matter.)

Those are not the things that make a wedding.  Those are not the things I remember about that day.

I remember laughing nervously with my father as we prepared to walk down the aisle, and thinking of how much I am his daughter.

Cliff Brunk Photography

I remember the look on my groom’s face as I walked down the aisle.

Cliff Brunk Photography

I remember my parents exclaiming that it was the best night of their lives.

Cliff Brunk Photography

I remember high-fiving Mr. Jelly when he won a dollar from his lotto scratcher favor.

Cliff Brunk Photography

I remember these things and so many more.  I want to sincerely thank you for letting me share my wedding journey with you.  Thank you for letting me share the important things and the not-so-important things.  Thank you for reading, and for your thoughts, comments, and advice along the way.  I can’t imagine having planned my wedding without Weddingbee.  Truth be told, I think part of the reason I delayed finishing my recaps was the thought that once I was done, I’d no longer have a presence in this incredible community.  But here’s what I’ve come to realize: the friendships I’ve made here are real.  What began as friendships based on a shared interest in all things wedding transformed into meaningful relationships with women around the country, and even the world.  And I’m so very thankful for that.

Personal photo.

With this, I say goodbye.  I hope that you all have the wedding of your dreams, and more importantly, the marriage of your dreams.


Mrs. Jellyfish

P. S.  If you’re interested in reading about my life after the wedding or keeping in touch, head to

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