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Pinot Butter & Jellies: Cake-Cutting and Bouquet-Tossing

February 22, 2012

When we were planning the breakdown of our wedding reception, our DJ suggested that we do the cake cutting right before our bouquet toss and slideshow, so that our guests would be feasting on the cake while watching the show(s).  Smart  man, our DJ.  The timing worked perfectly.

Have I mentioned how much I adored our wedding cake?  It was made by Debbie Caracciolo-Smith of Not Just Cheesecakes.  She took my admittedly zany idea of making a cake that looked like my dress and created this masterpiece of a cake.  I seriously adored our cake.  Not only did it look beautiful, but it was the most delicious cake ever.  Instead of doing a separate groom’s cake, Mr. Jellyfish got his own level – chocolate cake with peanut butter ganache.  The rest of the cake was lemon cheesecake with raspberry filling – amazing.

Guest photo by A. Barsan

The cake cutting was pretty standard.  The Archies’ Sugar, Sugar played in the background and there was no cake smash – I’d threatened Mr. Jellyfish with enough forms of bodily injury over our 19-month engagement that he knew better than to cross that line.  We cut the cake, fed it to each other, toasted, and then I turned to our guests and said, “That’s it!” or something equally witty and well-prepared.

After the cake cutting, it was time for me to engage in the age-old tradition of humiliating my single friends by tossing my bouquet and watching them scramble for it.  And I intended to relish in this ritual.  When our DJ called all the single ladies to assemble on the dance floor and not all of them obliged, I was relegated to individually calling people out.

Guest photo by A. Barsan

That’s how I roll.

Not sure what’s going on here, but I think they were preparing for battle. (Guest photo by A. Barsan.)

Guest photo by A. Barsan

Guest photo by A. Barsan

Bridesmaid LH ended up catching the bouquet, assisted by a lateral from Bridesmaid EE, who intercepted the bouquet mid-air.  And would you believe it, almost exactly a year later while vacationing in Kauai, Bridesmaid LH got engaged.  So you see, the bouquet thing totally works.

Up next…our slideshow!

*Photos in this post are courtesy of Cliff Brunk Photography, except where otherwise noted.


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