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Pinot Butter & Jellies: Return of the Jellyfish (It’s Party Time!)

February 21, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a jellyfish. The jellyfish got engaged, planned a 200-person wine country wedding, blogged about it, got married, blogged about that for a bit, and then dropped off the face of the planet.

Ok, are you tired of the third-person yet?  Me too.  You may not remember me, but I’m Ms. Jellyfish and I was part of the sea creature generation of Weddingbee bloggers. I was married in September 2010, wrote some of my recaps, but never finished them.

A word about that.  When I was planning my wedding and reading Weddingbee religiously, it always bothered me when bees dropped off the face of the interwebs, never to be heard from again.  Especially when they disappeared before or during their recaps — I felt like I’d dutifully followed their wedding plans, and I should be rewarded with pictures and recaps, goshdarnit!  Then I got married, and I started a demanding job at the same time as my recaps; as work got busier and busier, the recaps became more infrequent.  I became one of those bees. I’m sorry about that.

So here I am, nearly 9 months after my last recap post, and I’m back to finish my recaps, once and for all.  And don’t you  worry, they’ve all been drafted so I shouldn’t be falling off the recap wagon again.

Where did we leave off? Mr. Jellyfish and I had just had our father-daugher and mother-son dances.  They were emotional affairs, and there was nary a dry eye in the room. But then our awesome DJ kicked it up a notch and turned on the dance tunes. He was a smart man, because one of the first songs he played was the hora.

Guest photo by A. Barsan.

Not just any hora though – we decided to honor my Romanian roots by dancing the Romanian hora – a traditional folk dance where everyone gathers around in a big closed circle, holding hands and spinning around the dance floor.  (Note: this is different from the Jewish hora, and doesn’t involve chairs – you can read about them both here.)  This ended up being one of the highlights of the night.  Everyone was out on the dance floor, and we got a kick out of seeing all of our friends and family members interacting, holding hands and dancing their hearts out.  The energy was infectious.

Even the little ones got into it.

It was so fun to see all our friends and relatives – Romanians and non-Romanians alike – hold hands and
dance around in a circle.

Once everyone was on the dance floor, the dance party playlist was in full effect. Chris Brown’s “Forever,” T-Pain’s “Apple Bottom Jeans,” Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA”… we did not discriminate. I know “do not play” lists are very popular, but in retrospect, I am glad we didn’t have a “do not play” list. One of my favorite memories from the wedding was jamming to “We Are Family” with Mr. Jelly’s aunt, and I’m pretty sure that song would have made it to the do not play list if we’d had one.

Dancing was the big highlight of the night. We danced our butts off. I danced until I was covered in
sweat and my bustle fell out. We never did make rounds to visit all the tables. If you wanted your
moment with the bride and groom, you had to dance with us. It was the most fun night of my life, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Up next…cake cutting and slideshow time!

*Photos in this post are courtesy of Cliff Brunk Photography, except where otherwise noted.

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