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Pinot Butter & Jellies: Putting on the Dress

December 29, 2010

My bridesmaids and I arrived at the venue around 2 pm, three hours before our ceremony start time.  This would give us time to take our first look and group photos before the ceremony.  And since our venue has a special room for the brides to get ready in, I decided to get dressed there.  Upon arriving, we were greeted by our fabulous photographer, Cliff Brunk.

Arriving at Casa Real with my “entourage” in tow.

Once Mama Jelly and all my bridesmaids were there, we gathered around and made toasts.  I thanked my bridesmaids for putting up with non-stop wedding talk for 19 months, and Mama Jelly and my MOH said a few words as well.  Casa Real provided champagne, glasses, and a platter of finger foods, which were most welcome (the food especially – I got really hungry before the wedding!).


With my favorite women, Mama Jelly and my cousin/MOH.

The bridesmaids touched up their makeup…

…and soon, it was time to put on the dress.  The dress.  The dress I pined over, blogged about [], and cheated on my first dress with.  The dress of my dreams.

My personalized “Mrs. Jellyfish” hanger came with a note warning that it should not be used for long-term dress storage, but I decided to give it a shot anyway (for the photos).  Although it warped under the weight of my dress, I still think it was worth it – I bent it back into shape later and now use it to hang lighter-weight items.

My surprisingly comfortable wedding shoes. I danced in them all night!

Once I had slipped into my dress, Mama Jelly helped me, er, secure the ladies in place by shimmying the front of my dress, as instructed by the ladies at the bridal dress shop.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding.  I especially love my MOH’s expression.

Finally, I was a bride

Checking myself out in my bridal attire for the first time.

…almost. There were still a few details to take care of:

For my “something blue,” I chose these adorable “I Do” stickers for the bottom of my shoes.

My second “something blue” was a label with my new initials and wedding date, made for me by Bridesmaid Lauren’s mom.

My “something borrowed”: the earrings that Bridesmaid Lauren made and wore to her wedding.  Here she is putting them on for me (because apparently brides need help with everything on their wedding day).

My “something new” was my dress (and my shoes, and my bracelet) and my “something old” was my veil, which I did not put on until right before the ceremony (you will see it in a later post).

After I had slipped on my dress and shoes, spritzed on my wedding day scent and put on my accessories, it was time to head outside to meet my handsome groom for our first look.

One last touch-up before our first look.

*All photos in this post are courtesy of the incredibly talented Cliff Brunk Photography.

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