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Pinot Butter & Jellies: The Night Before

December 22, 2010

Ok, I know what you might be thinking: Jelly, you’ve done 4 recap posts already, and we haven’t even gotten to the wedding day yet!  Fear not, dears, because we’re almost there!  But before I get to the wedding day, I have a few more things to say about the night before the wedding.

Our Bocce Welcome Dinner ended at 8:30, so we went back to the hotel where Mr. Jelly and I practiced our first dance one last time, in front of my MOH.  After getting rave reviews from her, we decided to call it a night and go our separate ways.  One of Mr. Jelly’s Air Force buddies knows the owner of a local batting cage, so he and his friends grabbed some beers and headed to the batting cages after-hours to hit some baseballs.

Mr. Jelly’s night-before-the-wedding activity.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, I met up with my several of my friends and bridesmaids for a little partying of my own – Das Boot style!

My night-before-the-wedding activity.  Photos of myself and friends drinking from boot omitted to protect the innocent.

With my best friends from college (who were also bridesmaids).

Despite the presence of beer at our respective activities, we were both careful not to drink too much because the last thing we wanted was to be hungover for the wedding.  So we were both back to our hotel rooms by midnight, ready to call it a night and go to sleep.  I went to Mr. Jelly’s room to say goodnight, and then came back to my hotel room, which I was sharing with my MOH and two of my bridesmaids.  But try as I might, I couldn’t fall asleep.  I missed Mr. Jelly too much.  It just didn’t make sense for us to spend the night apart when 1) we already have to spend so many nights apart due to his job, and 2) I sleep so much better when he’s around.  So, after checking with my MOH and bridesmaids that they didn’t mind, I went back to Mr. Jelly’s room for the night, where I slept soundly until 7:30 am, when I snuck back to my room just in time for the makeup artist to arrive…

Jellyfish Wedding Tip #1: If spending the night apart will cause you anxiety or mess with your ability to sleep, don’t do it! Sure, spending the night before the wedding apart is a nice tradition, but getting your beauty rest is more important.

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