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My Twin’s Wedding

November 8, 2010

On Saturday night, I had the honor of attending the wedding of my twin. My wedding twin [], that is. As you may recall, Jenn and I met through our mutual friend and my bridesmaid, E, and we quickly bonded over having weddings at the same venue. Throughout the wedding planning process, Jenn and I relied on each other for ideas, inspiration, and advice. Although she wasn’t able to make it to my wedding, luckily I was able to make hers – with Mr. Jelly in tow!

In the same courtyard where we said “I do” almost exactly 2 months before.

Our friend E was there too…she introduced us!

So, was it weird attending another wedding at our venue, only two months after our own? Not really. Weddings are so inherently personal that even in the same venue, they have a completely different feel to them. For example, Jenn’s ceremony layout was different (she did “in the round” – in the center of the garden, whereas we did under the arch) and dinner was served “family style.”  As a recent bride myself (and someone who has religiously followed Jenn’s wedding blog), I couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful details that went into her wedding:

Her pink, brown and green wedding came together beautifully. From her seating chart to the brown and pink bridesmaids dresses to Coco’s pink tutu to the candy buffet, no detail went unnoticed. And speaking of candy buffet…

Do those candy jars look familiar? [Probably not, considering I haven’t done my recaps yet!] Jenn borrowed the candy jars I used for my wedding (ah the perks of having a wedding twin). It was neat to see them take on a whole new look! And check out that needlepoint art in the middle – beautiful!

But despite all these gorgeous details, what I really loved about the wedding was intangible. Yes, details are important, and we both spent lots of time obsessing about them while planning our respective weddings, but the things that really struck me on her wedding day were the things you can’t make using materials bought from Michael’s…things like Jenn’s giddy smile as she was walking down the aisle (with both her parents, which I loved):

…being able to witness part of Jenn’s heritage when they did the tea ceremony…

…the genuine emotion in her bridesmaids’ voices as they did the readings…

…the way D looked at Jenn all day…

…the couple’s hilarious, handwritten vows (which made me both laugh and cry)…

The bridesmaids during the vows (btw, how cool  is it that she had her bridesmaids sitting?)

…a stolen kiss between new husband and wife.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Those are the things that make a wedding. And maybe it took me fretting over inconsequential things for a year and half and having my own wedding to realize this, but the things that make a wedding aren’t candy buffets or monogrammed napkins or photobooths, they are love and family.

Thank you Jenn and D for inviting me to be a part of your special day. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!

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