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Jellies and Dolphins and Sharks, Oh My!: Bora Bora Part 2

October 28, 2010

Last I left off, it had been raining for 5 days of our honeymoon in Bora Bora. Two days before the end of our trip, the sun finally came out.

Now, that’s more like it.

The infinity pool at Le Meridien Bora Bora.

Attempting to get last-minute tans so we could prove to our friends and families that yes, we really did go on a tropical honeymoon.

We spent those last couple days laying out trying to get tan, and we also ventured outside the resort for a couple really fun outings.

Shark and Ray Feeding

What sane, seemingly intelligent people would willingly pay money to go swim with sharks and stingrays? The Jellies, that’s who! We hopped on a boat with a bunch of other couples and some loud, crazy locals as our guides and ventured out into the lagoons.

Our guides were hilarious. They were great on their ukuleles too!

Here is a video that Mr. Jelly got of the sharks:

They were swimming all around us! Not to worry though, these are harmless reef sharks and they don’t touch people, so it wasn’t that scary (once I got past the concept of willingly swimming with sharks, that is). What was really scary for me, though, was getting into the water with the stingrays. They were all around our boat once we got to the site:

Unlike the sharks, the stingrays have no qualms about touching humans. I am guessing it’s because of where their eyes are on their bodies, but they just bump right into you with their slippery, slimy bodies. YUCK! It took a lot of coaxing to get me into the water, and I pretty much screamed and shrieked the entire time. Mr. Jelly lovingly captured it on video while the tour guides tormented me:

After that, I made Mr. Jelly carry me back to the boat. I never want to touch a stingray again, it was slightly traumatic. Mr. Jelly didn’t seem to mind it though.

Bloody Mary’s

Like the Lobsters (, we also went to Bloody Mary’s on recommendation from FIL Jelly. I was skeptical at first – the name seemed cheesy and I was afraid it would be like Senor Frog’s or something. But it actually ended up being some of the best food we had on our honeymoon! The restaurant is on the main island of Bora Bora, so we had to take a (free from our hotel) boat ride to the island. The way Bloody Mary’s works is they have all the fresh fish of the day displayed out in front, and you get to see and pick your meal before you get seated, then they grill it and bring it to you. Mr. Jelly had their famous ranch marinated halibut (I think!) while I went for the Ahi Tuna. Both were delicious!

The fresh catch of the day.

Mr. Jelly really enjoyed the up-to-date Sports Score Board at the restaurant.

Turtle Feeding

In addition to seeing a humpback whale, dolphins, sharks, and stingrays on our trip (pretty fitting for a sea creature bee, no?), we also got to see a lot of turtles! The Le Meridien has a turtle sanctuary and their turtles swim free in the inner lagoon of the hotel, meaning you can swim with the turtles. We took advantage of this on the last couple days, as well as attending a turtle feeding and educational lecture.

We learned that in nature, turtles never hang out this close together but hey, when free food’s involved, that’s another story.

Speaking of Food…

As part of our honeymoon package we had breakfast and dinner included, which was great because restaurant food is very expensive in Tahiti. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet every morning, but after a few nights of the dinner buffet, we discovered that our resort let us dine at the “a la carte” part of the restaurant (basically they converted our buffet credit into a dollar amount we could redeem at the restaurant) and that was MUCH better. Whereas the buffet items were hit or miss, nothing beats ordering exactly what you want, cooked to order.

Breakfast buffet.

Choosing between Vanilla creme brulee or Tiare flower creme brulee. For the record, I ate both.

And with that, our honeymoon came to an end. Despite the spotty service at the second resort and some bad weather, we had an amazing time. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Some last Jellyfish honeymoon tips:

  • Buy an underwater case for your camera so you can capture all the parts of your trip. We brought our Flip camera with us, and used this case, which worked really well.
  • If buffet meals are included in your honeymoon package and you want to switch things up, find out if your resort will let you redeem the credit at their a la carte restaurant (if they have one). It’s a great way to get some variation without having to leave the resort.
  • Give Bloody Mary’s a chance. It’s a Tahitian institution for a reason, and a nice way to get a change of scenery.
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