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Jellies and Dolphins and Sharks, Oh My!: Bora Bora Part 1

October 28, 2010

After 3 beautiful, sunny days in Moorea, we headed back to the airport to go to our next stop: Bora Bora, where we would spend the remaining week of our trip.

Upon arriving at Le Meridien Bora Bora. Note the ominous sky in the background – a sign of things to come.

Our bunglow at the Le Meridien Bora Bora. It was not as new/modern as the one at the Moorea Sofitel, but the location was excellent (at the end of the row of bugalows, with deep water underneath so we could dive off the patio) and the peek-hole on our floor was huge!

The peek-hole floor (that’s the official name for it, right?)

Mr. Jelly underneath our bungalow!

Rain, Rain Go Away…

See those ominous storm clouds in the first photo? From our first day in Bora Bora until our fifth day, it rained. And I’m not talking about a nice tropical sprinkle, either: it poured. It rained so much that at one point I couldn’t fall asleep because I thought our bungalow was going to topple over from all the rain and wind! Mr. Jelly just put in earplugs and went to sleep, while I said I wanted to be alert in the face of death (I really did say this. Dramatic, much?) Apparently I wasn’t the only one; we made friends with another honeymoon couple and the wife had packed an emergency evacuation kit! But the hotel staff assured me it sounded much scarier than it really does – the open air bungalows tend to amplify the sound of wind and rain, but the storm really wasn’t that bad.

Here we are sporting our Le Meridien ponchos. I was naturally bummed about all the rain, but Mr. Jelly remained optimistic.

Rainy Day Activities

Despite Mr. Jelly’s initial optimism, the rain just didn’t stop for the next 5 days. We finally just had to accept that half of our tropical honeymoon would be spent holed up in our bungalow, lounging, eating and reading. Too bad we didn’t bring our laptops.

We ordered lots of room service food rather than venturing out into the rain.

Too much room service food, at times.

Some TV watching (though the storm would often make it so our TV didn’t work…)

There was a lot of reading (here I am sitting in what we lovingly dubbed “the reading nook”).

Finally, the sun starts to come out…

Jellyfish Honeymoon Tips

  • Don’t pack only expecting for good weather. This applies not only to clothing and umbrellas, but also to activities. We’re glad we brought lots of books, but it would have been nice to have brought a laptop or even some playing cards for rainy days in.
  • Make sure your hotel has all the amenities you want before booking it. We went through a travel agent, so we weren’t that careful in scrutinizing our hotel options. Honestly though, if we could do it over again, we probably would have stayed at a different hotel. Le Meridien was a little disappointing compared to our first hotel on Moorea – there were no alarm clocks in the rooms (I know it’s a vacation but you need to know the time for say, dinner reservations), there was no public computer to use (though we could have paid for WiFi if we brought our laptops), and the spa was underwhelming. And none of these things would have mattered if the service had been great, but it was really a letdown. When you’re paying that much for a honeymoon (and believe me, Tahiti is expensive) you should be receiving 5-star service. We really didn’t feel like we did at Le Meridien.

Next up, the sun comes out and we enjoy our final couple days in Bora Bora!

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