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12 Steps to Lottery Scratcher Favors

October 7, 2010

We put together our lottery ticket favors about a week before the wedding. While this project is seemingly easy (just stick a lotto scratcher + penny inside a glassine envelope and seal with a sticker/seal – easy peasy, right?!), I made it much harder than it needed to be. Here was my process:

1.  Bookmark photo of lottery scratcher favor 19 months before your wedding. Save until 1 week before wedding to begin project.

2.  Get your heart set on a lotto scratcher that is somewhat hard to find (in my case: Cherry Double Doubler). Visit no fewer than 5 liquor stores/gas stations/7-Elevens until you find said scratcher. Purchase 225 lottery scratchers.


3.   Use every ounce of willpower to keep self from scratching the lotto scratchers.

[Personal photo: please ignore mess that was our pre-wedding apartment]

4.   Attempt to design “Lucky in Love” logo to print onto seals. Fail miserably. Enlist help of talented friend to design it for you.

5.  Spend several hours attempting to fit “Lucky in Love” logo onto Paper Source circle label template. Delegate project to fiancée, who spends entire day (and downloads trial version of CS4) to make logo fit onto template. Then waste more hours trying to correctly alight circular logos so they are centered within the labels. Fix problem the low-tech way, by taping 1/8 inch strip of paper to each sheet of labels.

6.  Search eBay for glassine envelopes to put lottery scratchers into. Decide you only like envelopes with pointy flaps, thus making your search more difficult. Put off buying glassine envelopes for now.

7.  Decide that it would be really cool if the pennies were new and shiny 2010 pennies to commemorate your wedding year. Go to the bank only to discover that bank does not just give people rolls of shiny new pennies.

8.   Persevere; decide to be innovative and clean old pennies using copper cleaning method found on Boil pennies in water-vinegar-salt solution for over 30 minutes because it doesn’t seem to be working. End up with mutant, fluorescent orange pennies:

9.   Contemplate going to bank to get more rolls of old pennies to save face re: mutant pennies. On second thought, decide to ‘eff it and go with the mutant pennies.

10.   Remember that you still need glassine envelopes. Order the cheapest number 3 glassine envelopes, despite non-pointy flap in photo. Several days later, receive glassine envelopes; rejoice that there is a pointy flap!

11.   Decide to include photo-share cards with lottery ticket favor. Print and cut 225 photoshare cards.

12.   Spend an evening watching Modern Family, stuffing glassine envelopes and sealing them with fiancé. Your favors are finally complete!

Anyone else make a seemingly simple project unnecessarily difficult?

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