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Through the Years Table Numbers

September 2, 2010

For our table numbers, we wanted to do something that would hopefully encourage our guests to get up and walk to other tables and mingle. After seeing “through the years” table numbers on various wedding blogs, I was sold. Each table shows us at the age that corresponds to the table numbers. Since we have 23 tables, this means ages 1-23.

The most time-consuming part of making these was finding, selecting and scanning all our childhood photos. Luckily, I had the help of Mama Jelly on this one. She spent most of the summer going through old photo albums and scanning all my photos (as well as Mr. Jelly’s). Then, Mr. Jelly and I selected our favorite photo for each age and I got them printed at Costco. Once I had the photos, I mounted them onto ivory cardstock so that they would have a nice border around them. I enlisted Bridesmaid Amy’s graphic design help for the actual number part of our table numbers, which was based on a design I’d seen online. After she sent me the files, I printed them out and painstakingly cut out 23 circles. Then Mr. Jelly, Best Man #1 and I sat down and glued all the photos and numbers to burgundy cardstock. Are you ready to see our table numbers?

Tables 1-6:

I’m always on the left, Mr. Jelly’s on the right.

Tables 7-12:

Tables 13-18 (minus #15, which I forgot to print. Oops. Gotta get on that):

Tables 19-23 (since we got together at age 20, we just had both of us in the photos from ages 20 and up)

I’m pretty pleased with how they came out. In retrospect, I wouldn’t recommend using a glue stick because it caused some of the photos to warp a bit. Double-stick tape or Xyron might be a better choice. These were definitely time consuming, but they are one of my favorite projects for the wedding and I hope the guests will enjoy them, too!

What are you doing for your table numbers?

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