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August 31, 2010

While shopping for a wedding band, I was initially hesitant about getting an eternity-style band because most eternity bands are not engraveable. I’m pretty sentimental, so engraving was a must (plus how else is Mr. Jelly supposed to remember our anniversary each year??). Even though I ultimately decided on an eternity band, I still wanted to have it engraved. My wedding band has about 5 mm of engraveable space on the inside – enough to fit 3-4 characters. One day, I was brainstorming what I could engrave into my band (Maybe my new initals? Maybe M+G?) when Papa Jelly jokingly said, “maybe you should just put an asterisk in there, and then continue the thought on Mr. Jelly’s band.”

(Pause) “Wait a second…that’s perfect! I’m going to do that.”

“Um, I was just joking…” said Papa Jelly. But it was too late, I had already fallen in love with the idea.

So, as of yesterday, the inside of my wedding band now contains an asterisk: “*” and the inside of Mr. Jelly’s says “*Mr. & Mrs. Jelly  9-5-10.” Well, actually, it doesn’t say our real names but our pet names for one another, which are just too ridiculous and corny for me to post here, but some of you may be able to read one of them if you look closely.

[personal photos]

I love our engravings! They’re like a little inside joke between me and the Mr., they’re kinda quirky, and they’re 100% us!

What did you engrave inside your wedding bands? Please share – I love to hear all the different possibilities!

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