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Wedding Band: Check!

August 11, 2010

After 18 months of searching for the perfect wedding band, I finally found it! Or maybe I should say finally got it, because I found it early on in my search. Before I show it to you, let’s walk down memory lane and see some of the rings I considered along the way:

This is the first wedding band I ordered from It’s a 14K white gold band with bead set diamonds. I liked it okay, but it just wasn’t “the one.”

Months later, I ordered this band from an amazing deal at less than $600 and 1 full carat of diamonds. I loved how unique the design was and really thought this could be the one!

The ring was stunning in person, but it didn’t look right next to my engagement ring. It didn’t sit flush with the e-ring, which bothered me, and I felt like it overpowered by engagement ring due to its size. I hated to pass on such a good deal, but luckily Mama Jelly fell in love with it and will be using it as an anniversary band. Works for me!

After seeing the unique Costco bezel set ring, I tried on another unique ring at a local jewelry store. It was a 3/4 eternity ring featuring bezel set diamonds with a delicate milgrain border. I loved this ring, but Mr. Jelly was lukewarm on it. It was important to me to find a ring we both loved.

Speaking of milgrain, one of the bands that I was majorly crushing on was this beauty from Hearts on Fire:

The Hearts on Fire “Eterne” Milgrain Anniversary Band. I fell in love with the delicate milgrain edging and actually debated getting this ring for months – it was the ring I would compare all others to. I think I would have probably gotten it had I not found something I liked more, but I decided to try one last ring on that had been on my mind for months.

The ring was a Blue Nile eternity band I mentioned in a previous post on wedding bands ( I don’t know why it took me so long to order it, but I finally took the plunge, figuring I could always send it back if it didn’t work out. Less than 48 hours later, I had it in my hands. And it was perfect. Without further ado, my wedding band:

It’s an 18 karat white gold, full eternity band from I loveeeeee it.

It sits flush with my engagement ring, yay!

And it’s full eternity so I won’t have to worry about spinning!

Actually, that last point is why it took me so long to decide on a wedding band. I’ve always loved the look of channel set rings but I was really torn on 1/2 eternity vs. full eternity. I’m really sentimental and wanted to have the inside engraved – you can’t do that with a full eternity ring. But in the end, I decided the spinning would bug me a lot more than the lack of engraving. Plus, I could just engrave my engagement ring, which I wear all the time anyway.

Looking at the ring now, it seems like the obvious choice. As with my search for the perfect first song, I got really caught up in trying to be unique. In the end, though, I’m going with my heart – even if it means going with the “safe” choice. I know I’ll never get tired of this ring because it’s timeless and matches my engagement ring so well. It feels so nice to have this crossed off the list!

Did it take you a long time to pick your wedding band?

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