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I’m Baaaaack!!

July 31, 2010

My life just went from this:

A creditor received a valid judgment against a debtor and promptly and properly filed the judgment in the county. Two years later, the debtor purchased land in the county and promptly and properly recorded the warranty deed to it. Subsequently, the debtor borrowed $30,000 from his aunt, signing a promissory note for that amount, which note was secured by a mortgage on the land. The mortgage was promptly and properly recorded. The aunt failed to make a title search before making the loan. The debtor made no payment to the creditor and defaulted on the mortgage loan from his aunt. A valid judicial foreclosure proceeding was held, in which the creditor, the aunt, and the debtor were named parties. A dispute arose as to which lien has priority. A statute of the jurisdiction provides: “Any judgment properly filed shall, for 10 years from filing, be a lien on the real property then owned or subsequently acquired by any person against whom the judgment is rendered.” A second statute of the jurisdiction provides: “No unrecorded conveyance or mortgage of real property shall be good against subsequent purchasers for value without notice, who shall first record.” Who has the prior lien?

(A) The aunt, because a judgment lien is subordinate to a mortgage lien.
(B) The aunt, because she is a mortgagee under a purchase money mortgage.
(C) The creditor, because its judgment was filed first.
(D) The creditor, because the aunt had a duty to make a title search of the property.

To this:

What types of flowers should be featured in our centerpieces?

(A) Roses, dahlias, and lilies

(B)  Roses, lilies, orchids, and gerberas

(C)  Roses, hydrangeas, lilies and hypercium berries

(D)  Who the hell cares? We’re getting married in a little over a month!! Woo hoo!!

Courtesy of Bar Exam Lolcats

The past couple months of bar exam studying have really put things in perspective for me. I was forced to set aside my wedding checklist (which is now ridiculously long as all the unchecked items for June and July got moved to August). I endured some of the most stressful weeks of my life, filled with massive amounts of self-doubt and anxiety. I sat through a grueling 3-day exam, and lived to tell the tale. But now it’s over, and I have my life back. I also have Mr. Jelly back. Mr. Jelly was deployed the entire summer, so I was on my own from late May until the day after the bar exam (talk about perfect timing!). It feels so good to have him home. I feel whole again.

Home at last!

The next month is going to be intense. But I’m so excited about it – all of it. Because when it comes down to it, wedding stress is so much less stressful than real life stress. I laugh now when I remember how stressed out I was over my bridesmaids dress color – burgundy or purple? Purple or burgundy? I must have shown the color swatches to 30 different people. In the end, none of it really matters. What matters is that in a little over a month, Mr. Jelly and I will be joined in marriage in front of our nearest and dearest. And no one will notice that our candy bar doesn’t match our color scheme or that we used the wrong font in the programs.

Anyone else take the bar exam (or another major exam) right before your wedding? Did it put things in perspective for you?

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