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On Turning 27

July 23, 2010

My 27th birthday is tomorrow. If you know me, you know that I love birthdays and make a huge deal about mine every year. But this year is different. To be honest, I haven’t given my birthday much thought – in fact, I completely forgot about it until last week, when Mr. Jelly brought it up. “Oh, that. I almost forgot about that,” was my response. Oh the things studying for the Bar exam will do to you! I’m really looking forward to getting my life back (and starting to blog again!) in only a few short days.

 Anyway, now that I think about it – 27 is a weird and special birthday for me. For starters, ever since I was little I always imagined that I would get married at age 27. Somehow, it just seemed like a nice age to get married. And although I was technically married at 26, it’s pretty cool that my lifelong prediction of marriage at 27 – or at least the wedding at 27 – is coming true.

 Another thought that keeps going through my head is how at age 27, Mama Jelly had already been married for 6 years, had already had her first child, and had me on the way. Sure, it was a different time, but I can’t imagine having a child right now. I have so much respect for her!

 I think what it comes down to is until now, I haven’t really felt like an adult. In a way, 27 marks the beginning of adulthood for me: I graduated law school, am taking the Bar exam, and marrying the love of my life and embarking on a new career. Things are falling into place.

A wee lil’ jellyfish.


Did you have an “ideal marriage age” in mind growing up? Did reality match up with your expectations? When did you start feeling like a real adult?

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