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Christmas in July?

July 1, 2010

I know, I know…Christmas isn’t for another oh, 178 days (not that I’m counting or anything), but I wanted to talk a little about Christmas ornaments. I’ve always loved the idea of an “Our First Christmas Together” type ornament to commemorate the year that our marriage began. I actually wanted to buy such an ornament for one of my bridesmaids and her new hubby this past holiday season, and I searched at all my favorite retailers (Target, Macy’s, Cost Plus, Nordstrom) with no success. I was actually surprised at how hard these are to find!

Of course, these things are much easier to find on the Interwebs. Here are a couple ornaments I found with a quick Google search:

Marquis by Waterford 2009 Our First Christmas Ornament

Precious Moments Our First Christmas Ornament

These are cute, but I really wanted something that was more “us.” Since Mr. Jelly vetoed the personalized cake topper idea (we ended up deciding on Mr. Jelly’s personal favorite and the winner of my poll (, this was my chance to get something personalized. Enter Etsy. I found gingerbabies, a great vendor who does cake toppers and Christmas ornaments at reasonable prices, with a focus on military toppers (she keeps her military toppers at a lower price as a “Thank you” to servicemembers and their families). Without further ado, here is the Christmas ornament she made us:

After seeing Gingerbabies’ other military ornaments, Mr. Jelly specifically requested that he be in his flight suit, and I was happy to oblige 🙂 Don’t worry though, he won’t be wearing it to the wedding.  [Personal photo]

I love our little ornament – it’s the perfect way to commemorate our wedding, and I didn’t break the bank having it made. Will you be getting any keepsakes, like a special ornament or menorah, to commemorate your first holiday season as a married couple?

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