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Confessions of a Four-Eyed Bride

June 22, 2010

I’ve worn glasses for most of my adult life. It actually all started in 5th grade, when I began getting headaches while reading. My optometrist diagnosed me with slight astigmatism, and I got a pair of prescription reading glasses – but I rarely wore glasses until high school. Then, once I got my license, I realized I needed them to see road signs so I wore them while driving, too.  And once I got to law school – well that’s when the glasses became a permanent fixture in my daily life. I rarely leave the house without them:

Wearing glasses at an A’s game.

Wearing glasses to a wedding.

Wearing glasses on Halloween (can you tell who I am? ;))

Wearing glasses the day Mr. Jelly proposed!

For the most part, I don’t mind wearing glasses. I see them as another chance to express myself, and try to get pairs that reflect my sense of style. I like that they can make me appear instantly smarter – and on more than one occasion, have elicited remarks comparing me to Tina Fey (a goddess among mortals, I tell you). But at the same time, glasses can get in the way. They often slide down my nose making me more look more “granny” and less “sexy librarian.” They get smudged a lot. And they don’t always photograph very well.

So, like other four-eyed brides before me, I had to make a decision: to wear glasses on my wedding day, or not to wear glasses on my wedding day? On one hand, I almost feel more “me” when I am wearing glasses. And they’re comfortable – I really, really hate contact lenses and struggle with them every time I decide to wear them (which is rarely). Plus I’ve seen some brides pull off the glasses look very, very well:


Weddingbee’s very own Mrs. Candy Corn

Mrs. Gummi Bear and her spectacle-d spouse.

On the other hand, my glasses don’t really “go” with my dress. I want people to look at me, not my glasses. I’m also afraid that there will be a glare in the photos. And most importantly, my glasses get smudged every time Mr. Jelly kisses me. Every. single. time. So I guess in the end, my decision is pretty simple: I’ll be sucking it up and wearing contacts on my wedding day. Though I may stash my glasses in my purse for the reception. 🙂

Other four-eyed brides: will you be wearing your glasses on your wedding day?

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