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A Little Pick-Me-Up

June 13, 2010

A little while back, I had hit a lull in the planning process when Bridesmaid E surprised me with this hilarious book: Porn for the Bride. It currently graces our coffee table, inspiring perturbed glances (mainly from my dad) and uncontrolled giggles (from my girlfriends). The book is part of a series of “Porn for Women” books, created by The Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative. According to, “The Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative is a secret society of women working to redefine the way we look at pornography. They understand that sometimes a clean kitchen is hotter than a guy in a muscle shirt.”

You can buy it here.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch, don’t worry – there’s nothing really illicit about this book. But it does poke fun at some stereotypical bride fantasies, and it makes for a good laugh (the eye candy doesn’t hurt, either). Here is a sneak peek:

“No, I don’t think $5000 is too much for a cake.”

“I feel it will be much more meaningful if we write our own vows.”

Other personal favorites include: a picture of a buff guy holding a kayak with the caption, “Is it ok if I invite your father and little brother to the bachelor party? It’s just a kayak trip with old friends, and a chance to talk about how lucky we all are,” and the one with a guy gleefully holding a magazine with the caption, “I picked up the new Martha for you!” A girl can dream.

Have you received any fun pick-me-ups from your bridesmaids? Any other funny books out there?

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