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Gifting the Groom

June 3, 2010

Like many couples before us, Mr. Jelly and I decided to get each other gifts for our wedding day. Unlike many couples before us, we decided to give each other our gifts wayyyy in advance. It all happened a couple weeks before our civil ceremony, when Mr. Jelly and I had the following conversation:

Mr. Jelly: Do you want your wedding gift before the civil ceremony, or before the big wedding in September?

Me: Ooh, presents?! Yay! Gimme, gimme, gimme! Um, I don’t know. What are you thinking?

Mr. Jelly: Well I just don’t know if you wanna use it for the civil ceremony or the big wedding.

Me: Is it jewelry?

Mr. Jelly: Yes.

Me: Is it a necklace? Because I’m not planning on wearing one to the big wedding…so in that case, you should give it to me so I can wear it for the civil ceremony.

Yep, that’s how it went down. So romantic. Then I kept nagging Mr. Jelly until he revealed that it was a pearl pendant and I started bombarding him with hints about what I liked and didn’t like. He ended up getting me this beautiful pendant from Blue Nile:


Here is me wearing it at our civil ceremony:

Image courtesy of Ax2D Photography

When it came to his gift, that was a little bit harder for me. I had gotten him Oakland A’s cufflinks for the civil ceremony, but after receiving the beautiful pearl pendant I really wanted to spoil him and get him something he would never buy for himself but that he would secretly want. Fast forward to a couple months later, when the iPad came out. We were watching one of our favorite shows, Modern Family, and this scene came on:

That’s when I got the idea. The iPad was just the sort of thing Mr. Jelly would want but never buy for himself…Bingo! I gave it to him a couple weeks ago, as a combination birthday/early-wedding gift.

Do you think he liked it?

Did you get wedding gift inspiration from random places, like a favorite TV show? Are you exchanging wedding gifts?

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