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Engagement Pictures by the Bay

June 2, 2010

When it came to choosing a photographer, I thought it was going to be a very hard decision.  Early on, I scoured photography blogs, poring over hundreds of wedding photos.  After a while, I started realizing what I don’t like – trends.  Nope, none of that trendy stuff for me – I don’t really like the grainy/color saturated/distressed/uber photoshopped look.  I like photos that are classic, sharp, and that capture emotion.  I love the candid photojournalistic approach.  Once I knew what style I liked, I started contacting photographers that I’d heard good things about from our venue, from Yelp, and from friends.  One by one, all the good ones were already booked it seemed.  “How could this be?” I thought. “It’s still over a year until the wedding!!” Luckily, one of those booked photographers recommended Cliff Brunk, a San Francisco-based photographer.  The minute I started looking through his portfolio online, I was hooked.  His photographs were so beautiful that they remained seared in my memory.  They were like images out of a magazine.  We quickly made an appointment with him and really liked him as a person, too.  Knowing that we weren’t going to find anyone whose work we liked as much (and believe me, we’d been looking for weeks) we decided to take the plunge and book him! And now, after taking engagement photos with him, we’re so glad we did.

We had our engagement photo session with Cliff and his lovely wife Malarie a little while back, and I’m excited to share our photos with the hive!  Our only request was to have the Golden Gate Bridge in our photos, and Cliff suggested we go down to Fort Baker, on the Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge for a more unique vantage point. We had such a fun time shooting, and we got lucky because the sun came out! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Family portrait. It took numerous (I mean numerous) shots to get Stinson to sit still for this photo! 

As Bay Area natives, it was really special for us to have shots with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop.

We were probably talking about how freezing it was in this shot, but looks like the freezing was well worth it!

Cliff did an amazing job! We’re so excited for him to photograph our wedding. For more images from the engagement shoot, click here.

*All photos in this post courtesy of Cliff Brunk Photography.

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