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Do the (Registry) Shuffle

May 20, 2010

or “How We Ended Up with 4 Registries”

I never intended to end up with 4 registries. In my opinion, 3 is the perfect amount – not too few, not too many. We originally registered at Crate & Barrel, Macy’s and Williams-Sonoma. We chose Crate & Barrel mostly due to their fun registry events, their cute entertaining items and our shared love for the modern C&B aesthetic. Macy’s was a must on our list because so many of our older guests love to shop there, as do we! And Williams-Sonoma…well…I’ll chalk that up to the “We can’t really afford to shop there but how cool would it be to get stuff from there!” feeling. We were generally happy with these 3 registries until we started to realize that a lot of the things we had registered for were cheaper at another store that we hadn’t registered at: Bed, Bath & Beyond. Take our china, for example:

Royal Doulton “Precious Platinum”

At Macy’s, the 5-piece place setting retails for $186. At BB&B however, the same 5-piece place setting is $119.99, and you can use those 20% coupons to bring the price down even more! Now I know Macy’s has frequent sales so you can technically get a great deal on this china there too, but I like the fact that it’s always cheaper at BB&B so guests don’t get ripped off if they happen to miss a sale. With that in mind, we opened our 4th registry at BB&B and moved the rest of our china over to their site (save for a few items that Macy’s had but BB&B did not). Then I realized that a lot of the stuff on our Williams-Sonoma registry was also cheaper at BB&B. Take this cutting board for example:

Epicurian Cutting Board, 15″ x 11″

At Williams-Sonoma, this cutting board costs $45. At BB&B, it’s $24.99. Inconceivable! (If anyone can identify the movie quote, I’ll love you forever). Upon this realization, I basically gutted our Williams-Sonoma registry. I ended up moving most of the items to the BB&B registry because they were usually cheaper, so now the Williams-Sonoma registry contains only a handful of things, including our All-Clad d5 cookware (which they don’t sell anywhere else as far as I can tell).

Have you done any registry shuffling in order to find the best deals for your guests? Tell me about it!

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