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A Bandana for the Flower Dog?

April 28, 2010

If we end up having our puppy in the wedding, it will definitely be as the flower dog ( I was thinking of attaching a couple fake buds to his collar to spruce him up for the big day, but then I saw this:

Available here

It says “10 Reasons Why I Should Have Been Best Man” and they are:

  • I am always happy to see him
  • I always took time for him when no one else would
  • I never tried to steal his girlfriend
  • I never made him stay out too late
  • I was the first to know they were in love
  • I always listen
  • I never judge
  • I never give bad advice
  • I always keep his secrets
  • After the wedding, I will still be his best friend.

How cute is that? I think it’s just adorable. Here is a pic of it in action:


Gratuitous puppy shot. How could you resist this face?

If you’re having pets in your wedding, are you dressing them up in any way?

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