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Our City Hall Ceremony: Pro Pics

April 23, 2010

Happy Friday! As promised, here are some professional pictures of our courthouse ceremony! Our talented friends Amy and Andrew came up from LA to photograph our City Hall ceremony. They did an awesome job capturing the emotion and feel of the day, and we’re so thankful to them for being there for us. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite photos that they took:

During the ceremony. Love how all the parents are holding a recording device of some kind!

Trying to replicate the VJ Day image of the soldier kissing the nurse…though now that I google it it’s quite different.

See? Not the same. Oh well!

Mr. & Mrs. Jellyfish

SF City Hall is such a gorgeous setting.

My feet were killing me, so the shoes came off.

One of my favorite images of the day.

Just married!

The light in this one is just unreal.

And my absolute favorite image of the day: perfectly recreates the feel of my favorite photos of my parents from their city hall wedding, below.

*All images of our wedding taken by Ax2D Photography.

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