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The Stamp That Broke My Heart

April 22, 2010

A couple months ago, I received a card in the mail. I always notice stamps, and I immediately admired the beautiful stamp that graced the envelope:

Behold! The Lunar New Year: Year of the Tiger Stamp

“That’s really nice,” I thought to myself. I made a mental note that these stamps might go well with our wedding invitations, since they fit right in with our autumn color scheme. I thought about buying some at the time, but figured I’d wait until I had my invites in hand and knew exactly how much postage I’d need. Bad idea! Little did I know, these stamps were limited edition and are now impossible to find! They are completely sold out on the site, and I’ve called every post office in the area, heck – I’ve even called the ones near my parents’ house! No luck.

My last hope was that BM I would be able to find some at the National Postal Museum* in Washington D.C., where she’s living for the year. I went to the museum when I visited her, and I was delighted to find the lovely 27 cent fruit stamps I’d been coveting ( in their amazing stamp shop (though not in time to use on my Save the Dates, boo). Unfortunately, even the National Postal Museum is sold out of them. So I guess I will have to find some other stamps for our RSVP envelopes.

Have you ever fallen hard for something that was discontinued?

*This might make me seem like some kind of philatelic loony, but I really LOVED this museum. I highly recommend it if you are ever in Washington D.C.!

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