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Wine Charms Follow-up

April 21, 2010

Previously, I told you about how I was planning to do wine charm escort cards (  Many of you shared my concern that guests might think the wine glasses were theirs to keep, so I emailed our venue to ask how much it would cost per glass if our guests accidentally took home the wine glasses and if the venue had this problem before. The venue coordinator emailed me back and basically said I can’t do wine charm escort cards, unless I provide my own stemware. You can imagine how I annoyed I felt! I really don’t want to spend money on 200 wine glasses when the venue already has wine glasses. Also, Mama Jelly and I already made about 75 wine charms!

Wine charm test run.

A bunch of the autumn colored wine charms we made.

So, I called my venue and asked why they have this policy. They basically said that my idea of placing all the glasses on a table as escort cards would likely lead guests to think that the glasses are gifts, and they are not cheap so the venue really doesn’t want people taking them (and they would pass the not-cheap cost onto me). Ok, I said, what if we used them as place cards instead? Meaning just leave the glasses at each table setting, and attach the wine charms to them there. The venue coordinator seemed to be more comfortable with this, especially once I threw out the idea of having the DJ make a little announcement or putting a cute framed note on each table encouraging guests to take the charms, but leave the glasses. So in the end, the crisis was averted! We can do the corks as escort cards, and the wine charms as place cards.

I’m happy it all worked out, but during the time that I thought wine charms were no longer a possibility, I started looking into other options.  I found this really cute place card idea that involves one of my favorite chocolates, Ferrero Rochers:


Mrs. Dumpling ( used similar place cards at her wedding. I think they are so cute, and I love how they are also edible! So I guess you can see where this is going…I’m now torn on what to do for our place cards! Should I keep the overall winery theme and have wine cork escort cards and wine charm place cards, or should I do wine cork escort/place cards and Ferrero Rocher place/escort cards? Or something else entirely?

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