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April 16, 2010


In the world of crazy wedding acronyms, MUA stands for Make Up Artist. Whenever I see this acronym, I can’t help but imagine an evil person going, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And with how high the prices are for bridal makeup, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some makeup artists out there muahahaha-ing at how stupid/silly brides are to cough up these fees!

Ok, ok, I know that some consider makeup an art form and that people need to make a living – perhaps I’m being a little harsh. But seriously, $1250* for wedding hair and makeup? Am I missing something? Unless my skin is covered with scales and my hair is made of twigs, I cannot fathom how it could cost that much. And even makeup artists that are considered “reasonable” in the Bay Area average around $400-500 from what I’ve found. Ridiculous.

Now this? I can see this costing $1250 to fix. (Source)

Now, I know I could just do my own makeup. I feel pretty confident in my makeup skills and even did my BM LC’s makeup for her wedding. But it’s my wedding dammit, and I don’t want to stress about doing my own makeup! I want to feel pampered and I want to look airbrush flawless. But not $500+ flawless. At least not at the cost.

So what’s a girl to do? Keep looking, is my solution. I was overjoyed to find someone who does hair and makeup for $200 (sad, isn’t it? that this would be an amazing price?) and I booked a trial with her. Stay tuned for the results…

What has your experience been with finding a MUA? Are you hiring someone, or are you doing it yourself?

*This is the rate charged by one of the Bay Area’s premier makeup artists. Seriously? I could pull a Heidi Montag for that much money.

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