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My Wedding Buddy

April 15, 2010

Ok, so you know that part of Toy Story where Woody is organizing all the toys for their big move and asks them if everyone has a moving buddy? He then says, “A moving buddy — if you don’t have one, GET ONE!”

Well, this post is not quite about moving buddies, but it is about wedding buddies. You see, early in the planning process, bridesmaid E told me about her law school friend Jenn, who is getting married at the same venue as me, only couple months later. Jenn started reading my blog, and I started reading hers, and one day we decided to finally meet in person! We had so much fun talking about our wedding ideas and brainstorming together. Since we’re getting married at the same place, we’re interviewing a lot of the same vendors so we can share our notes on them and discuss our impressions. We discovered that we’re also doing our rehearsal dinners at the same place and we even booked the same florist! We’re also going to share containers for our candy buffets, since we’re both doing them. The best part is we have similar taste and a ton in common (hello, law school and adorable pups! and our engagement rings are almost exactly the same), so now I refer to her as my “wedding twin.” Last Friday, we met up at the venue to see it all set up and ask the venue coordinator some questions. It was really fun. It’s nice having a buddy who doesn’t get tired of talking about weddings, and who knows exactly what you’re talking about when you lament the difficulty of opening the wrought-iron gate at the venue. :)

Do you have a wedding buddy? If you don’t have one, GET ONE!

Me, circa 2002.                                                                           Jenn, circa…last month?

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