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How It All Began

April 13, 2010

I’ve told you all about the proposal (, but I realized today that I’ve never told you the story of how we met. Mr. Jelly did a great job of writing about it for our wedding website, so here is his version of the story:

The first time I met Miss Jellyfish was the third day I was at college. It was the Sunday night prior to the week classes were set to begin and was historically the biggest partying night of the year at UCLA – “Black Sunday.” Almost the entire L.A. basin converged on Westwood and almost all of the fraternities were throwing parties. Of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity for my first big party at UCLA, so I went out on the town and had a fun night.

Miss Jellyfish is going to have to take up the story from the point where I arrived back at the dorms that night, but I can describe to you what happened the following morning. After a long night of socializing I woke up for lunch and made my way down to the dining hall. After some quick food, a bunch of water and some bright lights, I made my way back toward my room. The elevators going up to the fifth floor were all packed and after waiting in line for a while, I was able to squeeze my way on as one of the last people in the sardine can.

Trying to mind my own business in the packed elevator, all of a sudden I hear an excited voice say, “Hi Mr. Jellyfish!” As I looked up and did a quick scan of the elevator I realized that I didn’t recognize anyone. At this point the wheels in my head were turning fast, so I decided just to say hi and hope whomever it was that had initiated the conversation would speak up again. All I mustered was a simple “Hi,” but it worked. All of a sudden there was this gorgeous girl talking to me. I was easily the envy of all of the other sardines. Before I knew it we reached my floor and as I started to get off the elevator I realized that I wasn’t the only one. This girl apparently also lived on the floor. Seeing as how I was obviously on my A game and the wheels were still turning fast in my head, I quickly decided that I should ask for her name before it got too awkward. “So I am pretty sure that we met last night, but I don’t remember your name…” Before I could finish Miss Jellyfish cut me off and as she stormed away said, “We met three times last night!” As I stood there all I could think was, “There goes my chance with that girl.”

Photo of us taken in my dorm room in Rieber Hall, back when we were just friends.

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