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Carnation Inspiration

April 10, 2010

A lot of my ideas for our City Hall wedding are inspired by my parents’ civil wedding (in fact, the whole idea of having a civil wedding before the wedding is inspired by them!).  One of the traditions I’ve always loved when looking at their photos is the carnation arch:


I’m not sure how this tradition started but it seems to be pretty typical at city hall weddings in Romania. The family and friends of the bride and groom form an arch out of carnations and the bride and groom walk beneath it and get a photo taken.

I decided early on that I wanted to do the same thing at our ceremony. We are only inviting our immediate families so it won’t be quite as big of an arch, but I also want to incorporate carnations into my bouquet.  I love how fluffy and pretty carnations are all bunched up!



While looking for carnation bouquet inspiration, I came across this amazing tutorial by Mrs. Flamingo ( I decided to follow her steps and create a trial bouquet. Here are some pictures of my finished bouquet,  interspersed with gratuitous puppy shots:

Stinson admiring my handiwork.

This was an easy project and only took 15 minutes. I’d probably recommend getting more than 24 carnations – my bouquet looked a little sparse from some angles.

Stinson shows lack of approval at lopsidedness.

All in all, this project cost me around $20. The biggest expense was the carnations, which cost me around $12 for 2 bunches of 12 stems. I got my carnations at Safeway, but if you go to a florist or buy them at a flower market, they’ll probably be a lot cheaper. Either way, I think it’s still a whole lot cheaper than getting a bouquet from a florist.

Have you ever considered making your own bouquet? Do you have any tips for making DIY bouquets?

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