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My Bridesmaids Rock My Socks.

April 9, 2010

In the words of Gollum/Smeagol of Lord of the Rings fame, my bridesmaids are downright “tricksy.” A couple weeks ago, they tricked me into believing that I was headed to a surprise going away party for my bridesmaid LH, when in fact it was a surprise bridal shower for me all along!!

My shocked face when everyone yelled, “Surprise!”

With bridesmaids K, E and LH. Still in shock.

My bridesmaids LH, K, E and S did the bulk of the bridal shower planning, and they threw a fantastic party. The girls stayed up until the wee hours of the morning setting everything up and making sure it was perfect. The shower had a “Dessert” theme, and guests were asked to bring a dessert and share a recipe. It was held at LH’s house and hosted by her mom, who is just my favorite. :) The girls decorated with burgundy accents, to go along with my wedding color palette.

They even created a signature cocktail named after me! I felt so honored. And check out those adorable favors with spatulas that double as recipe card holders! So cute!! The girls said they thought of everything on their own, with no help from bridal blogs whatsoever. Impressive!

Some of the delectable desserts brought by the guests.

I was so happy to see my SIL S, who flew out all the way from Texas to be there! She was in charge of the games. We had a blast playing wedding pictionary, and they quizzed me on how well I know Mr. Jelly. They also did a sweet game where everyone read one thing that Mr. Jelly loves about me (he sent them a list before the shower).

With my new SIL and MIL!

With my mama and the ribbon bouquet, made by bridesmaid LH.

With 6 of my 8 lovely bridesmaids. Thanks for all your hard work in planning the wonderful shower! Bridesmaids M and I couldn’t make it due to distance, and they were missed.

All of the shower guests. Thanks so much everyone who came! I had a blast!

The hosts of the bridal shower. Thank you so much!! I felt so loved!

In conclusion, I have some seriously awesome bridesmaids. Not only did they throw me a bridal shower, but they also made it a surprise – it felt like my birthday on crack. I’ll never forget it!

Was your bridal shower or bachelorette party a surprise?

*Thanks to my bridesmaid Amy of Ax2D Photography for taking the photos as indicated in this post, and for my mom for the rest of the photos.

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