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My Top 10 DIY Projects

April 6, 2010

With less than 5 months until the wedding, I’ve been thinking about what things I plan to DIY for our wedding. I have a feeling these will change (read: I will nix some of them due to time contraints/laziness), but for now, here is my current list of DIY projects:

1. Save the Dates: Done! I don’t know if having your friend design them and then printing them online counts as DIY, but I think they fit into this category.

personal photo

2. Favors: As of now, we plan to buy $1 Lotto scratchers, put them in glassine envelopes along with a penny, and seal with a custom sticker. This seems like a pretty easy project to me!


3. Fan programs: I have been drooling over these since the moment I saw them a year ago. I think this will definitely be one of the more time-consuming projects but I love the way they look and they will be perfect for our outdoor September ceremony!


4. OOT Bags: I already purchased the reuseable bags ( from Target (25 cents each, woot!). I plan to fill them with the usual goodies, as well as some San Francisco-specific items, like Ghirardelli chocolate squares. I’m going to have to wait until it’s closer to the wedding to fill them though, as I don’t want any of the food items to expire.

personal photo

5. Table numbers: I’ve always liked the idea of doing black & white (or sepia) photos of us at whatever age it says on the table number.


6. Bathroom baskets: This should be pretty simple too. Just need to find the perfect baskets, and hit up Target for the bathroom essentials.

7. Candy Buffet: Mama is in charge of finding the various glass containers (Marshalls and TJ Maxx are great places to go for these). Then I need to decide what kind of candy we want, buy it in bulk and make labels for the containers.


8. Menus: Although I could order these with the invites, I think I’d rather save some money and do these myself. I found a cute grape stamp at Paper Source that I might use as the motif for the menus.


9. Wine charm place cards: blogged about here. (

10. Wine cork escort cards: blogged about here.(  Unless, of course, I decide to just order the personalized ones.

So at this point, you might be wondering: what are you NOT doing yourself? I am not planning on DIYing my invitations. Or, if I do, it will be more semi-DIY – Think Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee style. I might order basic invites and then embellish them a bit myself to make them look more fancy. I am not DIYing our guest book, as it comes with our photographer’s package. I am also not DIYing the flowers, with the exception that I might (but probably won’t) try to DIY the bridesmaids bouquets. My friend Lauren did all the flowers for her wedding and they came out so nicely that it made me think I could at least do the bouquets. I don’t have it in me to do centerpieces though. Not for a 200 person wedding! I’m also going to TRY not to incorporate too many small DIY projects beyond the above list. I’ve heard of brides making everything from napkins for the wedding to individual packets of tissue for each guest to use during the ceremony. While I think those things are cute, for the sake of my own sanity I need to cut it off somewhere.

What about you? What are you DIYing for your wedding? What did you decide to BIY (Buy it Yourself :) ) instead?

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