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The Long and the Short of It

April 2, 2010

When I first started the hunt for bridesmaids dresses (link to, I was 100% set on short (knee-length) bridesmaids dresses. Lately, however, I’ve been more open to the idea of long bridesmaids dresses. It all kind of happened when I went on my second bridesmaids dress shopping trip with BM Lindsay and came across these three dresses from the Belsoie by Jasmine line:

Belsoie Style L2064

Belsoie Style L3009

Belsoie Style L3001

Aren’t they gorgeous? They were really flattering on us, too. Here are a couple pictures of yours truly modeling the dresses:

I also really liked the silk chiffon material – it feels luxurious yet lightweight. All 8 of my bridesmaids liked the dresses too, which is no easy feat! So after much deliberation, and because time is running out – I decided that these will be my bridesmaids dresses!! The girls will get to wear their choice out of the 3 styles above. The color I’ve chosen is Cranberry, a nice wine color that should go with our vineyard setting and warm autumn color palette. Here is an inspiration board I created using images of our venue, my floral inspiration, the BM dresses and…wait for it….my dress!:

Sources: Bridesmaid Dress photos, Flower arrangement photo, Bride and her dad, Brown table arrangements, Wedding dress.

The only question that remains is – short or long? The dress samples are all long, but the store says we can order them in knee or tea length, too. The only problem is not seeing them beforehand – it feels like kind of a gamble. I am thinking of going to the store are trying them on again, yet this time pinning them up to see what they would look like shorter.  There are definitely benefits to both. Shorter dresses would probably work better for the hot summer weather, and might be more rewearable for most of the girls. On the other hand, long dresses are very elegant and they can be shortened later. Should I go long, or should I go short? What do you think would go best with the look and feel of my wedding?

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