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The Bridesmaid Dress Hunt Begins

March 31, 2010

I must really love you, Hive, because I’m about to share some decidedly not flattering photos of me and one of my bridesmaids. A few weeks ago, my mama, BM K and I went to two local bridal shops to try on bridesmaids dresses. It was both a helpful trip (I learned that I like silk taffeta or chiffon best, no satin for me) and a confusing trip (I was left totally confused about what color dresses I want). I figured I’d show you some of the better dresses from the day.

Our first stop was Kate’s Koutoure in Berkeley. They offer a pretty good selection of low-medium price range BM dresses.

I’m kind of iffy on this style, but love the wine color (looks darker in person). Dress by Jasmine B2, I believe.

Ignore the color of this dress – we’d get it in a different color. We liked the top of this dress, but we’d want to order it in knee/tea length. Also by Jasmine B2.

This dress was ok, definitely not one of my favorites. It’s by Alfred Angelo.

I wish I remember who makes this dress. I’m pretty sure it’s Jasmine B2, but not positive.

After we left Kara’s, we got lunch and headed to The Wedding Party, also in Berkeley. I absolutely loved my shopping experience at this store. The saleswoman was so knowledgeable and upbeat, and they had a huge selection of dresses by WToo, Siri and Lynn Lugo. Here were some of our favorites:

I loved this dress by WToo on the hanger, but I don’t think it’s that flattering on. I still think the flower detail is adorable though.

We liked this dress by WToo, but not in this color. It’s silk chiffon, which makes it look quite matte. I think I like it in silk taffeta better (next image):

We both loved this dress – definitely not in two-tone colors, but just the style of it. It was flattering on both of us too.

I thought this dress was flattering, and also loved the color. Maybe I should change my wedding colors to incorporate navy? Nooooo! Dress by WToo.

I loved the top of this WToo dress, but the belly area was not very flattering. Again, we would pick a different color. I like this dress because it reminds me of a dress I found online that I love: I think the online dress by After Six would be more flattering because of the pleats, though.

This dress by Siri was cute, but we thought the top wasn’t that flattering. It almost seems to flatten the chest area too much.

This is another dress by Siri. We liked the color and pleats, but we didn’t like how it goes straight across at the top.

This was one of our favorites. It looks very similar to one of the dresses above, but this one is by WToo. We even really liked the color, though I’m not sure how that would fit into my autumn color scheme. It’s iridescent taffeta though, so it looks different colors based on the lighting. I didn’t like how it looks almost green in the next picture:

So those were the better looking dresses of the day. As for colors, I was left torn between chocolate brown, deep red, eggplant and that iridescent slate color pictured above. I also discovered that I love navy. Argh. What do you think? Which dresses do you like best? What about colors?

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