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Love: Cork Place Card Holders!

March 30, 2010

While planning our winery wedding, there’s one thing I’ve been set on from the very beginning: cork place card holders! How cute are these?


I figured this could be a DIY project – albeit a labor-intensive one – you apparently have to use an Xacto knife to cut each cork so that it lays flat and for the groove that holds the card.

Then, one day, while stalking photography blogs, I found out that you can buy personalized wine cork place card holders (wow, that’s a mouthful. Say “personalized wine cork place card holders” five times fast!). I absolutely fell in love with these:

From Corkey Creations on Etsy

You can get them personalized with the wedding couple’s name on the front (I think we’d just do our first names or Mr. & Mrs. Hislastname…the whole Mr. & Mrs. HisFirst HisLast weirds me out for some reason). They also have the wedding date on the other side. Ah-dorable. The catch is, they’re $0.85 a pop, and with 200 guests and a personalization fee of $15, we’re talking almost $200 for this tiny detail. Sigh.

I remember our venue coordinator saying that they have free corks we can use for this very purpose (albeit not personalized), so I will probably go the free route instead. But a girl can dream, can’t she? What are you doing for your place cards?

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