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Wanted: A Cohesive Look

March 17, 2010

When it comes to planning our wedding, one of the things that I’m most worried about is creating a cohesive look. I guess most people accomplish this by choosing a theme or color palette and then sticking to it. Since vendors and others keep asking me what our theme is, I’ve started articulating it as “Tuscan Romance.” Basically, our venue is a Mediterranean inspired villa next to a winery, and I like warm, autumn colors, so “Tuscan Romance” seems to fairly describe that. I’ve had a harder time, however, narrowing that vision down to the customary 2-3 color palette. So far, the colors I like are Cranberry, Chocolate Brown, Burnt Orange, Eggplant and Yellow. Is that too many? I don’t know. My biggest fear about the wedding is that it will look like a mish-mash of well-intentioned ideas gone awry.

I’ve never been very good at seeing “the big picture” or making anything look cohesive and coordinated. For example, when buying things for my apartment, I seldom think of the bigger picture and buy impusively based on what I like. This results in my apartment looking decently nice, but it never looks what I call “Pottery Barn” nice. Now before you tell me that only Pottery Barn catalog homes look Pottery Barn nice, I’m going to have to disagree. I’ve been in more than one home that is so well-coordinated that it looks like it came out of a PB catalog. So why am I taking about PB right now? I’m basically convinced that since I don’t have a PB type home, I am incapable of planning a wedding with a cohesive look to it.

Ah yes, my Tiffany-themed bathroom when I lived alone first year of law school. That was the closest I ever got to having a cohesive look or theme in my home.

When I see weddings like Mrs. Cupcake’s on WeddingBee, I’m always impressed at how the bride is able to carry out her vision of the day down to the smallest of details, incorporating a certain font, 2-3 colors, and other motifs throughout the wedding:


Maybe it’s just my personality, but I’m finding it really hard to pick just ONE font to use throughout my wedding or only 2-3 colors to stick to. I feel so non-committal. While I know the feeling I want our wedding to evoke, I am having a hard time figuring out how to carry it out in a cohesive way. So far, none of the things I’ve bought for the wedding “go” together. Our Save the Dates (  that my BM Amy designed are eggplant colored, but they probably won’t match our invitations. Our OOT bags (  are bright green and have nothing to do with Tuscany or romance. I’ve wanted to start DIYing our paper goods, like the place cards, menus, and programs, but I feel paralyzed by the feeling that they aren’t going to match everything else. I’m hoping that once I find a bridesmaid dress I like, the rest of the color scheme will fall into place.

What about you? Did you have a hard time making everything go together for your wedding? Do you have any advice about turning a vision into a (coordinated) reality?

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