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Introducing…Our Ringbearers!

March 17, 2010

You’ve been introduced to our Flower Dog (, and today I wanted to introduce you to our adorable ringbearers! They are Mr. Jelly’s adorable nephews, who are 3 and 1.  Even though I’ve known they would be our ringbearers for a while, I recently called them to ask them officially. I had wanted to ask them in person, but totally neglected to do so last time I saw them. So I just did it over the phone when I was talking to their mom (my bridesmaid and Mr. Jelly’s sister-in-law). Ringbearer #1 said yes, and graciously accepted on behalf of his little brother too. It was really cute. I don’t even think he knows what being a ringbearer means but I am very excited to have these beautiful boys as part of our wedding! We love them so much!

Here we are at Thanksgiving. Uncle Jelly, Ringbearer #1, Ringbearer #2, and me.

Another pic from Thanksgiving weekend. Aren’t they adorable? They’re going to look so precious in little tuxes!

Mr. Jelly and I are actually Ringbearer #1’s godparents. Here is an oldie from his Baptism in 2007.

Who did you pick for your ringbearer(s) and flower girl(s)?

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