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DIY Fascinator Tutorial

March 17, 2010

For the civil ceremony, I decided that I wanted to make my own birdcage veil and fascinator. I ended up spending over 3 hours trying to make a birdcage veil and finally gave up in frustration. Then Mr. Jelly admitted that he doesn’t even like birdcage veils, so I scrapped the idea completely. The fascinator, on the other hand, was much easier to make.

Here’s how I did it:

1) Go to Michaels or other craft store and find a flower in the color you want.  I chose this ivory (magnolia?) flower:

Also purchase pearl beads in assorted sizes.

2) Take the flower apart. I used some small pliers to do this.

3) Using white/ivory thread and needle, sew pearl beads of assorted sizes into the center of the flower. I tried hot glue at first, but the pearls started falling off. I suppose crazy glue could work, but I think sewing is the best way to go.

4) Also, using needle and thread, sew hair clip to the back of the flower.

Et voilà! Surprisingly easy to make, and cost me less than $7. Now that’s my kind of project!

Have you DIY’ed any of the accessories for your wedding?

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