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Charmed, I’m Sure

March 17, 2010

My latest wedding inspiration comes from an unlikely source – a Christmas gift given to one of my friends by her sister. BM LC’s sister made her family personalized wine charms for Christmas. I liked them so much that I decided they are a must for our winery wedding! I am thinking of using them as escort card holders, like Mrs. Penguin did at her wedding:



I would attach the wine charm escort cards to the wine glasses provided by our venue, and set them up on a table by the entrance. Guests could then locate their table based on the escort card. I like the idea of having them as escort cards, that way they serve two purposes: to guide guests to their tables and to keep track of their wine glasses! They’ll also be a nice way to incorporate our wedding colors. Conversely, if that sounds too confusing, I could simply use them as place cards at the tables.*

Wine charms are pretty easy to make, and will be the perfect solution to my DIY itch. I’d like to make them a little more elaborate than the ones pictured above. I’m thinking something along these lines:



My only concern is this: will people think the glass is theirs to keep because their name is attached to it? I doubt it, but there’s always the chance that a few guests will think the entire thing is a favor. What do you think? Would you think the entire glass was yours to take home? How would you prevent people from taking the whole thing?

*Yes, escort cards and place cards are two different things. Ah the things one learns when planning a wedding. Escort cards have the guest’s name and table numbers, “escorting” the guests to their tables, whereas place cards indicate the guests’ place at the table, once they get there.

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