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Asking the Bridesmaids

March 17, 2010

Mr. Jelly and I have a huge bridal party. He’s having 8 groomsmen, and I’m having 8 bridesmaids. My bridesmaids are all so special to me, and I’ve known them from different stages of my life. For example, I’ve been best friends with my MOH and cousin practically since I was a baby, and my college roommates and besties are all there too! So when it came to asking my bridesmaids, I wanted to do something special. I found inspiration from several wedding blogs, and combined a few ideas to make my own cards with a little poem inside:

The front of the card. I bought plain cards from Michaels and cut out dresses out of coral paper. I calligraphed the name of each Bridesmaid on the front and drew a little hanger. Then I glued the dress onto the hanger and glued on accent crystals.

Inside each card was this poem, which I found online:

The day, the dress
The bride, the groom
The joy, the tears
Will all come too soon
Professing my love
To my husband-to-be
With family and friends
All watching me
Because to me you mean so much
I have one thing to say which I will phrase as such:
Nothing will give me more joy and pride,
Than to have you up there right by my side
You’ve stood right beside me through thick and thin,
And I want you to be there when I marry him.
Many great memories I have shared with your smile,
So, I want you to meet me at the end of the aisle.
Will you be my bridesmaid?

Along with a card, each girl received a framed photo of us together. This one, of me and BM I, was taken at a 20s themed Murder Mystery party.

Did you do anything special to ask your bridesmaids?

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