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A Band for the Mister

March 17, 2010

The other weekend while we were at Macy’s for our registry, I suggested we browse their wedding band selection.  I’d seen some pretty bands there before, and as Macy’s always has sales going on, I figured there might be some good deals.  Well, I’m glad we took a look because Mr. Jelly found his wedding band!  It’s a 5 mm wide, white gold and platinum band. It’s got a brushed platinum center surrounded by white gold.  We both loved it right when we saw it.  He had been looking for something classic but unique – a little more than just a plain band.  The brushed platinum center was just the right amount of embellishment. Without further ado, here are some pictures!


The best part of it all?  The price.  Macy’s really came through on this one.  Due to some sale they were having, it was already 30% off, then 15% off of that, and we opened up a Macy’s card to get another 20% off. In the end, it ended up costing a fraction of the original price and was very much within our budget – we basically got a platinum/wg ring for the a white gold price.  Gotta love Macy’s!

Where did you find your wedding bands? Did you find any awesome deals in unexpected places?

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