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Cake Topper Inspiration!

March 16, 2010

Ever since we got engaged, one of my favorite wedding items to browse the internets for is wedding cake toppers! I’ve found a few that I really like, and I want to see what you all think!

First up, the “bride feeding the groom” cake topper. We saw this one in a magazine before we were engaged and Mr. Jelly liked it so much he made me rip it out of the magazine and keep it for future reference. We like how it sits on the side of the cake, instead of the top.



Here’s an Air Force cake topper. Looks kind of vintage-y!



Then there’s the (free!) option of using our kissing pug salt and pepper shakers, which Mr. Jelly got me for Christmas last year, as our cake topper:



Ever since I discovered Etsy though, I have been drawn to some of the custom cake toppers out there. There’s these adorable clay people from seller MudCards, custom-made to look like the bride and groom:


And how about this personalized cake topper from seller Lollipopworkshop? It’s a bit pricey but it would make a great keepsake:


Sadly, it looks as though Lollipopworkshop’s shop is temporarily closed, but hopefully it’ll be up and running sometime soon.

Here’s another set from Etsy, by seller NakedPeggies. These go for $60, and I’m pretty sure I can recreate them myself for under $10:


Which is your favorite? Take my poll!

Which cake topper is your favorite?
Bride feeding groom on side of cake
Air Force cake topper
Pugs kissing cake topper
Custom clay figures topper
Custom figures with arch
Faceless peg people topper
None of the above – keep looking!

VoteView Results

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