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Only a Bride Would Notice or Care

March 13, 2010

Once the postcards were ordered, I started looking for stamps. Well, I quickly realized that the USPS only has 1 design for their 28-cent postcard stamps…the polar bear.

polar bear stampNot. a. fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against polar bears, but it’s just a “meh” design in my opinion. Last year’s 27 cent tropical fruit postcard stamps were so much cuter!!

tropical-fruit-stamps1Orange you sad they don’t make these anymore? ;) Me too. But I can’t find them anywhere, and it would probably clutter the back of the postcard to have two stamps (a 27 cent and a 1 cent).

I think this whole stamp thing is a perfect example of something that only a bride would notice or care about. When I googled the Polar Bear stamp, I found numerous websites with brides complaining about the same thing! Even Miss Hamster (please add link) blogged about the dreaded polar bears! See, I’m not alone – I’m just a crazy bride, and these things matter.

Or do they? If I really cared, I could just bite the bullet and order custom stamps from


But I had to remind myself that the whole reason we went with postcards was to save money, and with custom stamps costing almost 4 times the value of each 28 cent stamp, it’s just not worth it. Even if those Polar Bears feel completely out of place on our autumn wedding postcards. *cringe*

Have you compromised on any of the details for your wedding in the name of common sense?

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