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Flower Dog

March 3, 2010

Exactly one year before our wedding, something happened that changed the Jelly household forever. We adopted a puppy! We started the process just 2 weeks before and he came home with on our 1 year pre-wedding-aversary! He’s a rescue pup, so we’re not sure about his exact breed, but we’re told he’s part-pug, part-dachshund (and possibly part-basenji). Geranium082309d

This is what he looked like when we adopted him at 10 weeks old. (Photo courtesy of Smiley Dog Rescue)

Initially, I wanted to name him Barney after our favorite How I Met Your Mother character, Barney Stinson:

“Stinson…I am your namesake.” (Source)

But Mr. Jelly shot that down because he it reminded him too much of the big purple dinosaur. Then I said, “What about Stinson?” That’s when it clicked. Not only would he be named after our favorite sitcom character, but his name would hold a special meaning as well – Stinson Beach is where Mr. Jelly proposed, after all.

We took Stinson to his beach for Valentine’s Day this year.

Stinson has grown from an adorable puppy into a wonderful dog, and he’s made our lives so much richer. He feels like such a big part of out little family that we can’t imagine our wedding without him. Which led us to wonder…could we train him to walk down the aisle holding a basket of flowers in his mouth?

Yes, that’s right: we’re thinking of having a Flower Dog. While our two adorable nephews will be the ring bearers, we don’t know any little girls suited to the task of Flower Girl. And though little Stinson isn’t a girl, we don’t think he’d mind being a part of our special day. We called our venue and they do allow dogs to be part of the ceremony, as long as someone takes the dog to a hotel or residence after the ceremony. So if we can find someone willing to miss part of cocktail hour to transport Stinson back to the hotel, and if we can train him to walk down the aisle, we may just have ourselves a little Flower Dog!

Are you involving your pet in your wedding?

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