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The Proposal

February 23, 2010

A few days before the proposal day, Mr. Jelly told me that he was going to take me whale watching at Stinson Beach. He said his friend Ryan had a coworker who knew all about whalewatching and we would go with them. I was a little suspicious (ok – a lot suspicious) because Stinson Beach is a special place for us – we had one of our first dates there and also celebrated our 5 year anniversary there. The few days before the proposal, I kept looking for clues and hints but I really wasn’t sure. Then, the morning of, Mr. Jelly said we were meeting Ryan for donuts in San Rafael before we headed to Stinson Beach. That’s when I figured the proposal wasn’t going to happen after all, since his friend coming with us was now a reality.
Little did I know, this was all part of Mr. Jelly’s plan to throw me off. We did end up meeting Ryan for donuts, and then we were supposed to meet him at the beach. He called us on our way to the beach to let us know he would be late because he needed to get gas. We got to the beach and sat down on a towel, waiting for Ryan (or so I thought). I started getting antsy and cold – at one point I even wanted to go back to the car! But then, around 30 minutes after we had gotten to the beach, Mr. Jelly told me to stand up because Ryan was there. When I stood up, he pointed to the sky and I saw a plane with a banner that read, “Monacs, will you marry me?” (Monacs is his nickname for me, and actually, the banner said “Moncas” because they misspelled it – but neither of us noticed until later).

I turned around and there he was, down one on knee, grinning, and said “will you marry me?” I was so surprised since I had convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen, that my immediate response was “Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me?!” and then I said “Yes!”. The ring is beautiful and everything I could have wanted – just my style.
After the proposal, we started walking back to the parking lot. Just then, I asked Mr. Jelly: “Does anyone else know about this?” and he responded, “I think those people do.” There, in the parking lot were both of our families! My parents, my aunt and uncle from Romania, Garrett’s mom, dad and little brother. They had been there the whole time and had even taken some paparazzi photos of the proposal while hiding in the bushes!
It felt weird to hover above Mr. Jelly when he proposed, so I got down on my knees too.
Walking back to the parking lot…
With Mama and Daddy Jelly. Don’t worry, Daddy Jelly isn’t upset; he just has an angry resting face. I too, suffer from this.

My favorite part of the day was how Mr. Jelly invited our families to be a part of it. When you get engaged I think the first thing you want to do is share it with the ones nearest and dearest to you and it was nice to be able to do that. We had brunch together in celebration of the engagement. It was a wonderful proposal, and I am so excited that I get to marry my best friend. Was your family involved in your proposal in any way?

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